Add a modern touch to your

home or retail space with

Recessed LED Lighting

Electrical Design and Installation

Tesla Solutions offers the most advanced electrical design and installation services in the Bay Area.

We offer electrical design and installation featuring top-quality brand name equipment and components, and our certified designers and engineers understand the importance of creating environmentally-friendly electric solutions that benefit the end-user, as well as the environment.

New Construction or Retrofit? We Can Help

Our expertise in lighting design and installation, electrical design and installation, LED lighting installation and in-outdoor lighting ensures that we can create a custom solution for any project, regardless of the type or scope.

More Than Just Electrical Systems

When you think of electrical systems, chances are good that you imagine light fixtures and wiring. However, there’s more to it than that and Tesla Solutions understands that. Tesla Solutions can help.

Commercial Electrical Upgrade

Energy bills are incredibly high today, and are only getting higher. Energy savings are becoming increasingly more important. Saving on energy consumption is hard to do, though. However, there are better options and Tesla Solutions can help.

An Expert Inspection

At Tesla Solutions, the first thing we do is perform a full inspection of your home or business to determine what upgrades are necessary to provide the best return on investment. For instance, our home automation system can reduce your energy consumption by 30% every month, paying for itself in less than a single year. Of course, we offer far more than just inspections.

Our Recommendations for Your Needs

Our recommendations are always based on a combination of products and upgrades that will give you the most for your money. We don’t offer a “good, better, best” approach. We give you the best option possible that will net you the most return for your dollars.

What Types of Jobs Do We Service?

Our vast expertise allows to handle most types of electrical work. We offer service for new construction, housing complexes, additions, remodeling jobs and everything in between.

Lighting Consultation and Design

The lighting in and around your home is very important. It’s more than a utilitarian consideration. Your home’s lighting is responsible for each room's atmosphere, for creating the environment you enjoy while eating with your family or watching a movie.

However, many homes suffer from poor design issues when it comes to the lighting used indoors and outdoors on the property. Tesla Solutions can offer lighting consultation and design services, as well as installation and much more.