Customer satisfaction is our primary objective

and we know that a client who chooses us is making

an investmentin energy efficiency.

Residential Incentives and Rebates

We work with PG&E or your local energy company to provide you with the most efficient solutions for your home. In addition to the monthly bill savings provided by our upgrades, PG&E provides direct rebates and loans to help you with the initial purchase. More information about PG&E rebates and assistance programs can be found on their site.

Additional rebates are available for HOA's who choose to upgrade to more energy-efficient fixtures for outdoor lighting, laundry rooms and other shared facilities.

Cities that provide their own power, like Santa Clara or Palo Alto, provide even more rebates to upgrade your home to reduce power use, and our licensed technicians can help you through the process of pre-inspection and approval from your local power supplier.

Commercial Incentives and Rebates

The Bulk of California's Energy Rebate programs focus on business upgrades. There's a rebate for virtually any energy-saving improvement to your office, store or warehouse.

From HVAC, water pumps to laptop power outlets, there's a chance you'll find an eligible upgrade from PG&E's rebate catalog. We'll work with you to find the most appropriate solution for your business.

Interest-free financing

If you need financing, we can help you apply for an interest-free loan from PG&E. These loans are offered to businesses looking to replace old, inefficient fixtures with more modern, low energy components.

Loan amounts range from $5,000 to $100,000 and are payable over periods of up to five years. Tesla Solutions can help you with the application process. More information along with the application form can be found on PG&E's site here.

Product Rebates

PG&E is currently offering a wide array of product-specific rebates. A comprehensive catalog of offerings can be found here. Our technicians will help you choose the options that are appropriate for your type of business.

Customized Incentives

In addition to product rebates, PG&E also offers customized incentives for increasing your business' energy efficiency. These incentives are based on your net reduction in energy use from each approved fixture purchase.